Troubleshooting for Bitmain Antminer Fans Problems


We list the possible causes of problems for Bitmain Antminer S19 series users in the scenarios below.

Scenario No.1——the Fan Speed is Too Low

Cause analysis and treatment methods
1. replace the corresponding position of the fan, test whether the fan is damaged, if the fan is damaged, you need to replace the fan.
2. Replace the control board or send it back to the factory for repair if the issue still persists after replacing the fan.

Troubleshooting for Fans Problems

Scenario No.2——the Fan Speed Exceeds 10000

Troubleshooting for Fans Problems

Cause analysis and treatment methods
1. Damage to the fan should be repaired at the factory, or the fan should be replaced.

Scenario No.3——fans Are Missing in the Miner Status

Statement indicating a loss of fans when viewing the background log or an insufficient number of fans in the runtime interface: Fatal Error: Some Fan Lost or Fan Speed Low!

How to copy Kernel Log into text form?

Troubleshooting for Fans Problems

Cause analysis and processing methods
1. check the interface or log can detect the fan If you know which fan has stopped working by its number, you can locate it. If the fan is physically damaged, you should replace it, as well as the connection line’s appearance.
2. check whether the control board connected to the fan port is damaged, if damaged, the control board can be replaced or returned to the factory for repair.
3. test whether the fan is damaged, if damaged, replace the fan.

Scenario No.4——more Than a Normal Amount of Fans Are Detected

However, you find three or more fans where there should only be two fans visible in the miner status.

If you encounter any one of the above scenarios, please follow the troubleshooting steps as below,

  1. Check the display after each fan replacement to see if it is back to normal.
  2. Please return the product to the manufacturer for repair if the control board is damaged and the fan replacement still shows three fans.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions so we can help.

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