Bitmain Control Board For S19 Series (7007 Version)


For Antminer S19/ S19 Pro/ T19/ S19j/ S19j Pro/S19 XP/L7 /D7 Air-cooling Miners

Function: Antminer S19/S19+/S19i/S19 Pro/T19/S19j/S19j Pro/S19 XP/L7/D7  SHA256  Air-cooling Miner

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Bitmain Control Board for Antminer 19 Series (7007 Version)

This control board is used to repair and replace the faulty control board of the Hydro mining rig and is suitable for the control board of the Bitmain Antminer S19/S19+/S19i/S19 Pro/T19/S19j/S19j Pro/S19 XP/L7/D7  SHA256  Air-cooling Miner. Once the control board is damaged or stops working, the hash board will not be able to get any instructions and will stop running. Replacing non-working control boards increases mining revenue.

You may have to factory reflash Antminer S19 firmware onto your unit after replacing the control board.

7007 type control board and hashboard and fan docking relationship

1. The fan’s silkscreen and the hashboard’s silkscreen of the control board is shown in the figure below, the marking position 1 is fan’s silkscreen, the marking position 2 is the hashboard’s silkscreen.

Bitmain Control Board for S19 Series (7007 Version)

2. The docking relationship between fan’s silkscreen and fan’s socket is as follows, and the fan silkscreen is corresponding to the Miner log.

FAN1 dock J15

FAN2 dock J14

FAN3 dock J13

FAN4 dock J12

Bitmain Control Board for S19 Series (7007 Version)

3. The correspondence between the Hashboards’ socket and its silkscreen is as follows, and the hashboard’s silkscreen is corresponding to the Miner log.

Bitmain Control Board for S19 Series (7007 Version)

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