Precautions for Connection Between Power Supply and Bitmain Antminer S19 Series


There Are Three Connection Points Between the Power Supply and the Bitmain Antminer S19 Series:

1. Wire connection with 4pin or 6pin connector

Precautions for Connection

2. Conductive copper plug and socket connection

Precautions for Connection

3. Fixed conductive copper bar

Precautions for Connection


Poor contact, reversing the connection between the positive and negative poles, and other issues must be avoided., which may cause board loss, core loss, burnout, and other failures of the computing board.

  • Wire connection with 4pin or 6pin connector

1. Do not insert the pins or the base in the opposite direction; pay attention to their orientation. The design of the buckle, pin, and base can be used to determine the correct direction.

Precautions for Connection

A: Snap;B:Trapezoidal pin;C:Square pin

2. Holding the wire directly while moving the miner is strictly prohibited because doing so could damage the connector or make it loose.

3. The hash board generally requires 3 sets of 6PIN plugs, which must be fully plugged in

Precautions for Connection
  • Conductive copper plug and socket connection

1. Check to see if the copper plug is completely inserted into the card slot. due to improper installation, handling, or vibration., the copper plug may not be completely inserted into the card slot. To make the copper plug fully fit into the card slot, as shown in the figure below, you must press or reinstall it.

Precautions for Connection

2. The copper plug lock must be installed correctly

Precautions for Connection

3. The copper plug’s base may make poor contact after being disassembled and reassembled numerous times. To make sure that the copper plug has complete contact with the slot, adjust the slot gap with needle-nose pliers.

Precautions for Connection
  • Fixed conductive copper bar

Check to make sure all the screws are in place and that nothing is missing or not fitting properly.

Precautions for Connection

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