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Mining 2.0: Repurposing Crypto Rigs for AI

Bitcoin miner Xive is among a growing number of crypto-mining firms looking to repurpose unused or inefficient crypto-mining rigs for AI. Its CEO and founder, Didar Bekbauov, thinks that miners can leverage their experience in building large-scale data centers to cater to the growing demand from the sector for computing power. While this wouldn’t be possible


Bitcoin Halving May Push Miners’ Net Profit into Negative Territory

Mining analysts predicted that the next Bitcoin halving would increase the cost of mining one BTC to $40,000, effectively driving many miners out of the market. According to a July 8 Bloomberg report, the subsequent Bitcoin (BTC) halving, scheduled for April 2024, could significantly reduce miner profits. The mining rewards for Bitcoin are halved every

If Only Mining Bitcoin Was as Easy as Mining Bitcoin in Roblox

If Only Mining Bitcoin Was as Easy as Mining Bitcoin in Roblox

Bitcoin miners have had a tough few years — but in the Roblox metaverse, they’re thriving It took Marathon years to build out its pricey infrastructure capable of mining 1,200 bitcoins per month. I mine more than that in one second — in Roblox. One of the most-frequented metaverse platforms worldwide, Roblox recorded about 66

The Most Profitable Bitcoin ASICs

Start Bitcoin mining with Antminer s19

Bitcoin mining
Bitcoin mining
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