KA3 Log Diagnosis and Processing


The diagnosis and processing for the KA3 log are shown here.

  • Power Failure

If the log indicates that three computing boards are unable to locate the chip and the majority of the power supplies on the computing boards have output issues, you can check to see if the power supply’s copper row screws are loose or you can replace the power supply.

KA3 log diagnosis and processing
  • Fan Failure

If the log prompted “sweep error string = F:1” that is, the fan is abnormal, you can try to replace them one by one with a normal fan, and then replace them after confirmation.

KA3 log diagnosis and processing
  • Drop Board Failure

KA3 has 3 computing boards (chain=0, chain=1, chain=2); if less than 3 are found, that is, if there are fewer boards, the row of wires can be disconnected, re-plugged, and checked to see if the power supply copper row screws are loose; if not, it is advised to return for repair.

KA3 log diagnosis and processing
  • High Temperature Failure

If the log indicates “poweroff=true msg=”high temp 1 low temp fan err 0 read no temp 0, uneffective temp 0, lost connection too long 0″” is high temperature protection, you can reboot to recover (before rebooting, you need to check whether the operating environment temperature of the mining machine is too high, whether there are foreign objects blocking the air inlet of the mining machine, and whether the ventilation is normal to avoid repeated high temperatures leading to damage to the mining machine).

KA3 log diagnosis and processing
  • Mining Pool Anomalies

If the logs indicate “No servers could be used”, it means the pool is abnormal, you need to check if the pool settings are wrong, you can change the pool or contact the mining pool to solve the problem.

KA3 log diagnosis and processing

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