How to Set Up the V1.0 Test Jig Manual for Bitmain Antminer S19 Series Miners?

How to Set Up the V1.0 Test Jig Manual for Bitmain Antminer S19 Series Miners?

You can use this tutorial to learn how to set up the V1.0 test jig manual for Bitmain Antmier S19 series miners to identify faulty dashboards in your miner.

Bitmain Antminer V1.0 hashboard tester is a valuable tool for diagnosing bad dashboards in your Antminer S19 miner, which is applicable to S17+, T17+, S17e, S17e, and S19 series miners. When performing board-level repairs, trained technicians use this tool, which is supplied by the Bitmain factory.

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I. Preparatory Work

  • Platform: computer (Win10 system)
  • Tools: electric soldering iron (60W), solder wire
  • Tester: hashboard tester V1.0 (buy from BITMAIN official website)
  • Drop-out line: 1 drop-out line (buy 1 tester, get 1 drop-out line for free) ,60cm long with 2*9PIN
  • Voltage regulating line can be extended (DIY), for example, by using discarded fan line. It is 150 cm long.
  • When testing S17+, S19, and other systems, four fans are required. It only has two fan interfaces on the tester. Purchase one-to-two fan connectors, or use additional power sources, to enable the 4 fans to meet the demand for heat dissipation. Both side and up-and-down cooling are required.
  • 12V >4A DC 3.5mm connector used as power source. According to the testing model, the 12V power source APW3 is recommended for direct power supply in order to prevent tester blackouts brought on by overcurrent when tested using a 12V adapter.
  • Burn test programs onto a TF card as necessary. Note: Prior to normal testing, the master program of the corresponding model must be copied to the tester for Bitmain Antminer S17+, T17+, S17+, S17e, and S19 series miners. After passing the BITMAIN Academy exam, the Master program can be accessed and downloaded from the BITMAIN website.
  • USB to serial interface: for CP210X series or TL43X series, search keywords “USB to TTL” in Taobao to get.
  • Dupont line: male and female 3P >30cm, the serial interface of the Dupont line typically functions.
  • The hashboard’s screws are assembled and disassembled using a screwdriver or electric screwdriver.
  • The cooling fan, for instance, is used to test hashboards. During the test, take care to avoid putting any metal on the hashboard.

II. Hardware Connection

1. Serial interface should first be connected. Connect control panel and serial interface board as shown in the fig:


2. Connect drop-out line and voltage regulating line, then weld the serial interface board (the interface in the picture is made of the cable line of an old fan; it is simple to disassemble and reassemble without welding). Before turning on the fixture, the voltage regulating line needs to be connected and powered.


3. Connection to the operation board (positive is red, and negative is black). The wrong connection will burn the hash board)


4. Insert the ready SD card after making a copy of the master program the testing model requires. As shown below, the startup interface. The terminative startup interface of the T17+ single-chip fixture, for instance, is shown in this illustration.


and “OK” interface of serial port printing test chip.


5. Hashboard pattern startup interface for testing. To prevent emptying the hash board data during maintenance, the configuration file must be in repair mode. All test results throughout the process must show “OK”, which means the machine is in good condition).


the interface for test results.


6. In order to prevent the judgment from being impacted, the pattern result is subject to the penultimate item, and the voltage domain is the test’s final result.


7. The test configuration file must be in maintenance mode before starting the fixture. The SD card config file shall show “Repair_Mode=1”. The hash board data will be cleared if this doesn’t happen, which prevents starting.


III. Software Installation

1. Download the software

  • Software: SecureCRT, CP210X driver program (the system will automatically install when first plugged in)
  • The system will automatically install the driver after connecting the serial port to the computer. Please download the relevant driver and manually install it if specific computers are unable to actively install the driver.
  • The port option can be found by using the steps Computer-Right-Properties-Device manager. In the diagram below, the driver and port number are displayed. If not, you must check the serial port board and download the necessary driver.
  • mceclip11.png
  • The master and test program for the corresponding model are available on the official website. After completing Ant Academy training and passing an exam, you can download them.
  • Install the SecureCRT program that you downloaded.

2. Software settings

  • Open the software, select the “COM” port, which needs to be the same as the port in the then click connect, then device manager.
  • If an automatic selection is not possible, set it as follows.

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