Bitmain Fan for ANTMINER


For Antminer 19 Series/ 17 Series/ 15 Series/ D Series/ S9 Series/ T9 Series/ Z9 Series/ L3 Series/ Z11 Series/ S11/V9/A3/B7/E3/ K5/ X3 Air-cooling Miners

Function: Antminer S19 XP/S19 Pro/S19j Pro/S19/T19/S19j/Z15/Z15e/Z15j/L7/D7  Air-cooling Miner


Bitmain Antminer 12CM Cooling Fan 120*120*38mm, is suitable for Antminer S9 series, T9 series, S11, V9, 15 series, 17 series, Antminer 19 series, A3, B7, D3, D5, DR3, DR5, E3, K5, L3 series, X3, Z9 series, Z11 series, Z15, rated voltage 12 V, current 2.7A, speed 6000RPM, noise level 70.5DBA, air volume 267CFM, 4P Interface. The working life is 10.0000 hours, the additional function supports speed measurement PWM temperature control, and the governor has maintenance-free double ball bearings, long service life, and sufficient cooling air and wind pressure.

Adjustable speed fan:120*120*38mm, 12V/2.7A, 6000 rpm, lead wire 38cm tolerance ±1cm with 4PIN2.54 terminals

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