How to Bypass “Can’t Find Signature” When Updating Antminer S19 Firmware


This guide will show you how to bypass “Can’t Find Signature” when updating Antminer S19 firmware.

When you see Bitmain Antminer S19 Backstage Shows “System Upgrade Failed: Unable to Find Signature!!!” always means the firmware you are upgrading is not a security firmware.

This issue, which still affects all BTC miners, is what we will discuss today.

Note: This operation carries some risk, and you are responsible for any consequences.

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The specific operation steps are as follows:

1. You will need to use an SSH tool like putty;

2. Enter the IP address of the miner in putty and reserve port 22; if a message pops up, click Yes;

3. Enter the miner page with the credentials root and admin.

4. Copy and paste this line of code;


cd /www/pages/cgi-bin

After the input is complete, press Enter; you will see the following page:

Auto Draft

5. Enter the following;


vi upgrade.cgi

6. Use the down arrow and find this code;


Auto Draft

7. Click “i” on the keyboard to enter edit mode;

8. Change the code in step 6 to this code;

No code needs to be changed or added; more details are provided in the comments below the code.

Auto Draft

Note: Add # to the first 15 lines and remove # from the following 5 lines

The miner will only ignore the IF function searching for the signature if you add a #, which indicates that the line is commented and won’t be executed.

Press the keyboard’s ESC key (exit) while editing the code.

9. Input



and press Enter to upgrade and save the file.

10. Input



and press To save the SSH session, press enter.

11. Flash the updated Antminer S19 firmware.

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