Bitmain Power Supply APW12_12V-15V EMC (b Version)

Power Supply APW12_12V-15V EMC b Version1

For Antminer S19 Air-cooling series PSU b version, E9

Function: Antminer E9/S19/T19/S19 Pro/S19j/S19j Pro/S19a/S19a Pro  SHA256  Air-cooling Miner

Power Supply APW12_12V-15V EMC b Version2


This power supply is version b, which can replace a and b(Can not replace c,d,e&f etc.)version after your miner is updated the newest firmware.

APW12 1215a / 1215b / 1215c  power supply is suitable for Antminer E9, D7, S19+, S19A pro, S19A, S19j pro, S19j, S19i, S19, S19 Pro, T19.

S19 series miner has different versions at home and abroad, please contact the sales staff to confirm the same power supply as your miner version before purchasing the APW12 PSU.

1. APW121215a / b / c versions are universal with each other (no voltage feedback).

2. APW121215d / e / f versions are universal with each other (with voltage feedback).

3. APW121215d / e / f version can replace part of a / b / c by upgrading firmware, but a / b / c version cannot be used with d / e / f replacement.

APW12 power supply is specially designed for crypto mining, which is a revolutionary digital cryptocurrency that can be used anywhere in the world. The power supply can provide advanced system stability during mining. For Antminer S19/T19/S19 Pro/S19j/S19j Pro/S19a/S19a Pro/S19 XP  SHA256  Air-cooling Miner

The new APW12 high-conversion energy-saving power supply has higher stability. The new power supply combined with the Antminer 19 series can provide excellent performance, enable miners to optimize revenue, and aim to improve operating conditions and ensure long-term operations.

Product Glance


DC Voltage12V-15V
Rated Current(220V input)208A (when 15V can upto 233A~240A)
Ripple & Noise<1%
Line Regulation<1%
Load Regulation<1%
Setup Time<2S
Short Circuit Protection>10mS

Detailed Characteristics


DC Voltage12.3V
Rated Current(220 V input)15A
Ripple & Noise<1%
Voltage Accuracy12.2V—12.4V
Line Regulation<1%
Load Regulation<1%
Setup Time<2S
Short Circuit Protection>10mS


Voltage Range200-240V AC
Frequency Range47-63Hz
Power Factor>0.99(full load)
Leakage Current<1.5mA(220V 50Hz)


Low-voltage Input80-89V AC
Output Short CircuitYes
Overheat ProtectionYes
Over-current Output291A-350A (protection value varies under different voltage)


Operating Temperature-20-45℃
Operating Humidity20%-90%RH(non–condensing)
Altitude< 2000m


Net Weight3.6kg
Cooling SystemForced‐air cooling

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