Bitmain ANTMINER S19 Series Security Firmwares Q&A


These are the commonly asked inquiries for the Bitmain ANTMINER S19 Series Firmware.

IMPORTANT: Never try to upgrade any unauthorized Antmienr S19 firmwares from outside sources, as this could cause miners to malfunction and revoke your warranty right away.

1. What is the Security Firmware?

To safeguard the interests of ANTMINER users, the security firmware was created. The firmware has every feature from the earlier version. By disabling SSH access, you can effectively stop unauthorized attempts to hack miners, block the spread of viruses, and protect your mining from remote attacks.

2. How to Distinguish the Security Firmware?

Know which one is the security firmware via the following ways:

  • The description on the firmware download page details the security feature.
  • The file name of the security firmware has a sig at the end.
ANTMINER Security Firmwares Q&A
  • After the security firmware is reloaded, SSH access will be turned off.

3. What Are the Functions of the Security Firmware?

The main distinction between security firmware and regular firmware is that you cannot use SSH connections. Security firmware includes firmware signatures and disables SSH access.

4. Has SSH Connection Been Disabled?

SSH connections have indeed been disabled by the security firmware.

5. Miner Backstage Shows “System Upgrade Failed – Cannot Find Signature!!!”

The firmware you are upgrading is not a security firmware, so that’s what that means.

6. Can You Upgrade Back to Previous Version After Reloading the Security Firmware?

You must always update to the most recent official firmware available from the Bitmain website because it is the most recent and contains all features.

7. What ANTMINER Models Have the Security Firmware?

We will continue to update the security firmware for more models, please stay tune on our Antminer S19 Official firmware page.

Please get in touch with us if you have any additional queries so we can help.

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