Bitmain Antminer S19 Series Network Bandwidth and Load


The formula for determining the number of Bitmain Antminer S19 servers and bandwidth needs is as follows: Network bandwidth (Mbps) = number of servers (sets)/150. The upstream and downstream bandwidth of enterprise broadband, for instance, shouldn’t be less than 20Mbps for a data center that houses 3,000 servers.

There Are Currently Two Types of Broadband:

  1. With a dedicated line, such as a 100M dedicated line, both the upstream and downstream bandwidth are equal. In other words, both the upstream and downstream are 100M. The maximum number of machines that can be transported is approximately 15,000, according to the formula above.
  2. The uplink for typical household broadband is typically 1/10 as fast as the downlink. In the case of 500M broadband for home use, the theoretical downlink rate is 500Mbps, while the theoretical upload rate is typically in the range of 50Mbps. This calculation indicates that there are approximately 7500 units actually in standby.

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