Bitmain Antminer S19 Series is Unstable


You will learn about the Bitmain Antminer S19 Series‘ abnormal performance, as well as its causes and possible fixes, in this guide.

Abnormal Performance

  1. The miner restarts automatically
  2. The hashrate is unstable

Reasons and Solutions

  1. Electromagnetic interference is a concern for the miner because it is an electronic device. The miner might restart if the control signal is disrupted. When the chip is interfered with, the chip or hash board may become abnormal. Restarting usually restores it, and grounding and shielding can help prevent it from happening.
  2. Instability exists in the power supply. When the miner is operating, the hash board’s power output current can range from 200 to 300 A, and the power output for a miner with liquid cooling is higher. It is difficult to determine when the hash board will restart when the power output varies significantly. Usually, you can try changing the power supply.
  3. Low or unstable voltage are the circumstances. You’ll need specialized tools or an experienced electrician to check for this issue.
  4. The control panel is harmed. The miner’s brain, which is analogous to a microcomputer, is the control board. The firmware programs are stored in the flash memory. It will also force the miner to restart when the control board is abnormal. In most cases, factory settings can be restored.
  5. Generally, the log can be queried to locate the chip, which is unstable. The chip is broken or unstable, and it can be sent back to the manufacturer for immediate repair.
  6. Since the network is unstable, there is a chance that the miner will restart. In most cases, you can try to switch the network cable or network port for local inspection.

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