Bitmain Antminer S19 Series Firmware

The most recent Bitmain Antminer S19 official firmware as well as other optimized firmware for the Bitmain Antminer S19 series are available on this page.

Please pay close attention to the firmware models, types, and other details as you read the descriptions.

Bitmain Official Firmware

*The firmware has undergone extensive testing before being released, but not every mining environment can be replicated during testing. When updating the firmware, please start small and make sure there are no issues before upgrading. For instance, upgrade 10–30 units first and let them run for at least 24 hours to make sure. Please get help from customer service if you run into issues.


To download the official firmware, please choose the most recent version.



Antminer S19 Series Flashing Tutorial With SD Card

ASICDIP AntMiner S19 Firmware

ASICDIP – Vnish – is the largest international mining software development project. The project brought together a sizable team of highly qualified specialists, a solid community, numerous chats, and international strategic partners. Since the release of the Antminer S9 firmware, ASICDIP – Vnish has grown into a leading mining software company.

Feature Highlight

  • Prepared profiles for lowering voltage (reducing consumption) or overclocking, increasing equipment profitability
  • the ability to automatically increase the profile when the temperature is normal and decrease it when it is overheating.
  • the capability of ASIC chips to automatically adjust voltage and frequencies (reducing HW errors, boosting hash rate, and lengthening ASIC life).
  • Fan life is extended by turning off fans used for immersion cooling, which also reduces noise and allows for a quiet start.
  • The ability to transfer configuration with a profile to an infinite number of ASICs in a network, change or disable SSH ports, and perform mass password changes.
  • Additionally, the pool must support the ASIC BOOST function, which reduces electricity consumption by an average of 15% while maintaining hashrate.
  • A special algorithm for automatic virus checking is built into antivirus software. When a virus is found, it is eliminated. The virus is isolated or blocked if it cannot be eliminated for some reason in order to prevent further infection of nearby miners in the network (protection from ANTBUILD, NIGHT SWITCHER, and other threats).
  • The capability of producing the miner’s estimated electricity consumption.
  • a feature that uses the visible signal from a miner’s diode to look for an ASIC on a farm.

CRMI AntMiner S19 Firmware

Software is being created for ASICs by ASIC Firmware. Since 2017, they have created numerous firmware versions for producers including Bitmain, Innosilicon, Pangolinminer (MicroBT), Ebang, Baikal, and others.


The Antminer S19 series can be overclocked to increase its computing power and performance, but the firmware for S19 with control cards 7007 and Beagle Bone also significantly improves energy efficiency.

Awesome Miner Antminer S19 Firmware

The unique Awesome Miner Antminer S19 firmware increases power efficiency, boosts hashrate performance, and adds new features.

Feature Highlight

  • Improved hashrate performance
  • Improved power efficiency by tuning of each individual ASIC chip
  • Both overclocking and underclocking are supported
  • Flexible by allowing manual tuning and many configuration settings
  • Antivirus to prevent and recover from virus attacks
  • Very low power usage (25W) in case the Internet connection is lost – compared to the Bitmain firmware consuming maximum power
  • Immersion cooling support
  • Easy to use – choose a target hashrate and the firmware will take care of all details

Why Do We Need to Update the Firmware?

We are all aware that science and technology are constantly being improved through iteration, and firmware is no exception. With the aid of a firmware update, the mining device can add some features and function more effectively.

For instance, some firmware updates can be used to run programs that enhance miner performance while lowering power consumption. These firmware updates can reduce the amount of electricity miners use.

The processing power of the miner can also be increased by some firmware updates. Increased processing power for the same machine is possible by updating the firmware. This kind of firmware can increase the mining profits of miners.

Additionally, firmware exists that can enhance restart processes, high-temperature protection processes, etc. for miners. A miner’s dependability can be increased, and its stable operation can be ensured, with the aid of such firmware.

The firmware is functional, but not all firmware updates can be completed quickly. As soon as it was discovered that a specific firmware could significantly increase computing power, regardless of the source, many miners downloaded and updated the machine’s firmware. As a result, the device operates erratically and may even cause the mining device to become contaminated and computing power to be stolen. Because of this, it is advised that you only use the official firmware provided with the mining machine.

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To safeguard the interests of ANTMINER users, the security firmware was created. All of the features from the previous version are present in the firmware. By disabling SSH access, you can more effectively stop unauthorized attempts to hack miners, block the spread of viruses, and protect your mining from remote attacks.

Know which one is the security firmware via the following ways:

  • On the firmware download page, the security feature is described in detail.
  • The file name of the security firmware ends with a sig.
  • After the security firmware has been reloaded, SSH access will be turned off.

The biggest difference between security firmware and regular firmware is that you cannot use SSH connections. Security firmware has firmware signatures and SSH access is disabled.

Please hold down the Control key while pressing the Reload button in the browser or press Ctrl+F5. This will fix the issue and clear any cache from the old firmware user interface.

The miner can reboot by itself in order to improve chip performance if the Mining Profile is set up for Full Reboot. When using the firmware for the first time, a miner should anticipate experiencing a few reboots.

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