Bitmain Antminer S19 Series Can’t Connect to the Internet Or Find IP of Miner

Bitmain Antminer S19 Series Can't Connect to the Internet Or Find IP of Miner

The inability to access the Internet or locate the IP address of a Bitmain Antminer S19 Series will be resolved by following this guide.

All ANTMINERs must comply with this.

5 steps to troubleshoot your internet issues:

1. Internet or network connection.

2. switcher or router settings.

3. IP address conflicts and network settings for miners.

4. Reboot miner.

5. Recovery of the control board or a factory reset.

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1. Network Or Internet Connection

Set up the miner in a different network. If it was still able to function normally, there might be a problem with the network. If your Internet service isn’t working properly, check with your Internet provider.

The modem or router may not be functioning if the network is functioning properly. By looking at the light indicator on your modem or router, check the LAN ports, the internet signals, the power of your router (it could be a power plug coming loose), your cables, if they are tightly connected.

Or perhaps the Ethernet cable is defective or not properly plugged in. The Ethernet cable should be tested.

2.Router Or Switch Settings

To see if any of the network configurations are disabled, check the router or switcher.


Try logging in to the router setting page to see if it could detect your miner by checking the IP addresses shown in the “Attached Devices” list.

If not, you can either reset the router or see if a firmware update is available by visiting the router manufacturer’s website.

How many devices your router can support should be confirmed with the router’s manufacturer. The fact that your miner isn’t connecting to the Internet may be due to certain routers’ limitations on the number of connected devices.

3. Miner Networking Configurations and IP Address Conflicts

Only DHCP servers are permitted. Verify that DHCP is enabled on your network and turn it on if it is. Ignore this if your miner is already set in static IP address

When your network is static, you can bind MAC addresses. If MAC binding is found to be enabled on the network and our miners are unable to connect to it, disable it.

Check to see if your network provider unintentionally disabled the mining pool port. The URLs for the mining pools or the mining pool server itself could also be problematic. Even though the miner is connected to the internet, it is not visible in the pool in this scenario. You can see this problem in the kernel log.

4. Reboot Miner.

The miner has not been properly or fully booted. The operating system requires a number of steps and tasks to be finished in order to boot and function properly, just like a PC.

Repeatedly restart the miner and check to see if the problem has been fixed each time.

The network to which your computer and miner should be connected should be the same. When you restart your miner or select IP reporter, your IP address might change.

5. Control Board Recovery Or Reset to Factory Settings.

You could start by restarting the miner.

If returning to factory settings did not solve the problem, there may be a problem with the control board. Refer to below to learn how to troubleshoot or recover your control board:

There are some malware attacks that could harm the control board program.

If everything else fails, open a repair ticket and send the control board back to us for service.

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