Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro Vs GPU: Difference Between ASIC & GPU


By contrasting ASIC and GPU, this guide will discuss Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro and GPU.

Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) mining are the two broad categories that can be used to categorize the cryptocurrency mining market. Bitmain Antminer S19Pro is positioned as a “senior” model in the lineup. Web searches for information on how to mine, buy, and sell various cryptocurrencies increase exponentially when the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rises.

Retail miners should be aware of the various opportunities and difficulties presented by various types of mining regardless of the state of the market (bull or bear market). This article provides a succinct overview of GPU and ASIC mining as well as important factors to take into account when deciding which to use.

ASIC Mining

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro


ASIC mining machines are pieces of hardware made for chips created specifically for mining cryptocurrencies. ASICs made for cryptocurrency mining are exclusive to mining, in contrast to GPUs, which are desired by both miners and gamers. GPU mining for popular Proof-of-Work assets like Bitcoin is largely unprofitable due to this specialized hardware.

ASIC mining machines typically cost more, are noisier, and use more energy than GPU machines. They do, however, offer more energy efficiency and require less maintenance. ASIC miners are more difficult to find than GPU miners, and at-home miners may need to make changes to their home’s electrical system before plugging in (i.e., installing a 220v power outlet.)

Key Considerations for ASIC Miners

  • With ASICs, what coins can I mine?ASIC miners have much fewer options than GPU miners do for cryptocurrencies to mine. The majority of ASICs are made for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, and only a few other digital currencies.
  • Can I use ASICs to mine at home?It is typical to use ASICs for at-home mining. ASICs are typically kept in basements, garages, sheds, etc., but they are much noisier than GPU mining equipment.
  • ASICs produce how much heat?ASICs generate so much heat that some miners use it to grow food or heat hot tubs. To move the heat out and shuffle fresh air in with a reliable ventilation system, GPU and ASIC miners should build hot and cold lanes, respectively.
  • How do I maintain ASICs?Rebooting the computer will typically fix most issues with ASIC miners. However, the machine(s) may be delivered to a certified repair facility if an ASIC continues to malfunction. Compared to replacement GPU parts, ASIC parts are more difficult to find online.
  • Do ASIC machines require a lot of power?Compared to GPUs, ASIC machines use a lot more energy. The majority of homes in North America lack the necessary power supplies to run ASIC mining equipment. The power source for ASICs is a 220v outlet, similar to those found in laundry and drying rooms. To handle the electricity needed to power ASICs, at-home miners must properly upgrade their wiring.
  • Where can I sell ASICs?For buying or selling cryptocurrency mining ASICs, there are no other counterparties like there are for GPUs. Miners can purchase and resell hardware on a number of secondary markets and reselling platforms.

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro

The best cryptocurrency mining equipment available right now for mining SHA-256 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, is the Antminer S19 Pro ASIC Bitcoin miner. The highest hash rate, efficiency, and power usage are applied to this.

With a power efficiency of 29.7 J/TH and an electricity cost of $0.1 per kilowatt, this cryptocurrency mining equipment makes $12 per day in profit.

This results in a 195 percent annual return percentage and a short payback period of 186 days. Between 5 and 95% humidity is where it performs best. You can join various mining pools like Slushpool, Nicehash, Poolin, Antpool, and ViaBTC with the device, just like with all other cryptocurrency hardware mining equipment.


  • board constructed using a fifth-generation (5nm) chip.
  • The dimensions are 370mm by 195.5mm by 290mm.
  • features Ethernet connectivity, a 12 V supply unit, and four cooling fans.

Hashrate: 110 Th/s
Power consumption: 3250 W (±5%)
Noise level: 75db
Temperature range: 5 – 40 °C
Weight: 15,500 g
Price: $2,860

GPU Mining

GPU Mining


A wider range of mineable coins and more affordable hardware options are two ways that GPU mining typically lowers entry barriers for new cryptocurrency miners. A gateway into cryptocurrency mining is how some GPU miners describe their activity.

The majority of would-be miners already have a GPU in their home that can be used for mining, and purchasing and setting up a GPU mining rig is fairly simple. The majority of big-box electrical stores and online retailers sell GPUs.

It is also much easier to configure GPU miners now than it was in the beginning of cryptocurrency mining. The days of configuring GPU mining software requiring knowledge of Linux are long gone. Software for GPU mining can now usually be downloaded with just one click on a Windows computer; older laptops can even use this software. Furthermore, wallets are incorporated into the majority of mining software.

Key Considerations for GPU Miners

  • Which coin should you mine?This process can be challenging or time-consuming, but a number of tools for gathering market data provide straightforward ways to gauge expected profitability, hashrate growth, and popularity.
  • How should my GPUs be maintained?GPUs frequently break more easily and require more maintenance when compared to ASIC mining. However, replacement parts for ASIC machines are typically more difficult to find and buy online.
  • What degree of heat do GPUs generate?Because they use less power, GPUs generate a lot less heat than ASICs. In order to provide a little heat without unbearable noise, GPU mining machines can typically be placed in a bedroom or living room. However, a miner might need their own space if they have several GPU mining rigs.
  • What supplies do I need to mine GPUs?A variety of common hardware is needed to start mining, including GPUs (AMD or Nvidia) or modified laptops, ethernet cables, etc.
  • The only option is home mining.No, novice miners should take hashrate brokerages (such as, Instead of setting up an at-home mining operation, miners can purchase hashrate from other miners using a program (such as NiceHash).
  • Where can I buy GPUs?The good news for GPU miners is that hardware will be sought after by both miners and gamers. Only other miners may purchase the equipment for ASIC miners.

GPUs Vs. ASIC Miners

Now that you are aware of what ASIC and GPU miners are, it is time to determine which one is superior. You should take a few factors into account when deciding between ASIC and GPU. You need to consider what coins you will mine first. Your specific needs and spending limit will have a big impact on the mining equipment you choose. Additionally, consider the amount of electricity used and the noise level.

The distinction between a card and a chip is the primary distinction between a GPU and an ASIC. In contrast to a GPU miner, which uses a graphics card, an ASIC miner uses a chip to solve complex algorithms. The accessibility of GPU mining equipment is its main benefit. Additionally, the application flexibility of GPUs is greater than that of ASICs. Games, video editing, and other tasks requiring intensive processing can also be performed on them. A GPU cannot function independently, which is a drawback. A motherboard, RAM, SSD, wires, a CPU case, and other components are necessary to build a fully functional mining rig.

Traditional GPU miners’ profitability suffered a setback with the introduction of Bitmain’s potent Antminer series. Since the SHA256 algorithm can be solved quickly by ASIC chips, GPUs are no longer as profitable. ASIC miners are very effective because these microchips are made specifically to mine a specific coin. It is also relatively simple to set up a mining rig and start mining because it is an algorithm-specific device. Concerns about energy consumption existed in the early years of launch. However, because they are tailored for a single coin, the most recent ASIC miners use a lot less power and have a higher hash rate.

To put together the rig, a graphic processing unit needs specialized tools. Additionally, the setup of this elaborate rig requires more space. On the other hand, ASICs are compact and don’t need any extra maintenance. However, noise can be a problem. Therefore, the choice of your cryptocurrency mining hardware depends on what’s best for you and your circumstances. Which hardware is best for you depends on your cryptocurrency mining goals, electricity costs, available space, and expertise. ASIC mining is, however, by far the best option if you have access to reasonably priced electricity and are prepared to stick with one coin for the long term.

Ease of Use

You probably want something simple to use if you’re thinking about mining cryptocurrency. Antminer S19 Pro is user-friendly, and beginners can start mining in a few short steps to set up Just remember that profitability is directly correlated with mining efficiency when using Antminer S19 Pro. Consider mining as a sport. You will succeed more if there is a barrier in the way of those rewards. Your rewards will be much smaller if everyone can win. Simple mining is not a good thing. At that level, everyone can compete with you, resulting in lower profits for you.

GPUs, on the other hand, present more difficulties when used for cryptocurrency mining. To start your mining business, you can put together a rig with some software. Keep in mind that you may want to Instead of purchasing a pre-made rig, build your own. Once more, when mining is simple, the profitability is lower. Consider using your rig to mine cryptocurrency that is not typically mined.

Price Comparisons

An Antminer S19 Pro is inexpensive. Frequently, you can get one for $2,000 or less. You should not, however, choose the least expensive choice. Consider following this formula:

Return on investment = income – sticker price – electricity + residual value

Antminer S19 Pro are known as one-trick ponies – they can only mine specific types of cryptocurrency. These miners can serve other purposes if they have GPUs. The miners can sell the rig to players when profitability drops. Low profits result in being stuck with an ASIC that has no other use because it is only used for mining. Owners of GPU mining rigs are more likely to continue mining than those who use ASICs, especially when electricity prices rise. The rig is useless once an ASIC’s profitability stops outpacing the cost of electricity.

For the most part, your The first day you purchase an Antminer S19 Pro, its profitability will be at its highest. You will be more profitable by purchasing cryptocurrencies or making a GPU investment, unless you have access to free or inexpensive electricity. Paying for power results in a net loss greater than the profit from cryptocurrency mining.

When compared to Antminer S19 Pro, There is a chance that GPU prices will vary. Although an entire 6-GPU miner can be more expensive than the typical ASIC, it is a modular setup. At the entry level, GPUs will cost between $500 and $700, but there are many different options and price points. The cost of operating these machines is lower. They are simpler to buy, maintain, and sell because they are made up primarily of computer components that are readily available.

Yes, it can cost more to build a single GPU mining than an ASIC, but GPUs are more efficient on a dollar to watt basis. In other words, this setup uses less energy than the ASIC unit. Although GPUs are expensive initially, their cost declines over time.

Keep in mind how unstable the cryptocurrency market is. Always be ready for the moment when mining becomes unprofitable due to a market crash. Crypto prices will always continue to rise and fall. These issues affect Bitcoin as well. During those times, many miners give up, but it might be the best time to persevere. You could benefit from your mining rig with less opposition.


If you want a flexible crypto mining rig, you cannot find that with an Antminer S19 Pro. They can mine more than one algorithm, yes, but ultimately, they can only be used for mining cryptocurrencies.

In this debate, GPUs clearly come out on top. With that in mind, GPUs are the best choice for small or medium-sized miners. You can change the cryptocurrency on your device from one type, like Bitcoin, to another, like Ethereum. The Antminer S19 Pro can mine cryptocurrency, but they are being outperformed by their one game.

Unlike Antminer S19 Pro, which has remained unchanged for some time, GPUs can adapt to the needs of the market. When you have that flexibility, you can stay profitable even in a volatile market. You are left with a useless machine because the ASIC is unable to adapt to many changes. At the end of the data, when the GPU is no longer useful for mining, you can convert it for other purposes.

There is always the option of selling the system to a buyer who will pay top dollar for it to be used for what it was made for: playing video games. There is no denying that there are significantly more gamers than miners. As a result, GPUs can be resold without devaluing them. For anyone who wants those components for their computers, the HDDs, CPUs, motherboards, and every other component can be valuable. Use computer components that are readily available as a result. Until everyone stops using computers, you can find someone who will buy them from you for a fair price.

The Future of ASIC Vs GPU Mining

Mining Asic vs GPU have both been around for a while now and they both have a place in the mining industry. However, as new cryptocurrencies appear, miners might start to favor ASIC over GPU. This is due to the fact that ASICs have a much faster rate of coin mining than GPU. As a result, the mining industry may soon start to move toward ASIC.

However, GPUs are still an effective choice for miners, and they will probably be used for some time to come. With the rapid advancement of GPU technology, new GPUs with mining-specific features will be created as new coins are released. Therefore, purchasing a good GPU miner is a smart move if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, there are two main options: Asic or GPU mining. Which is the better choice for you since each has advantages and disadvantages? It really depends on your preferences and needs. ASIC are the best choice if you’re looking for the most potent miner on the market. However, GPU are a better choice if you want a miner that is more cost-effective and uses less energy. The future of GPU or ASIC mining is uncertain, but both technologies will likely continue to be used in the mining industry for some time to come. So, whichever option you select, you can be sure that you will have access to cryptocurrency mining for a very long time!


While other cryptocurrencies can be mined with ASICs, the majority of ASIC miners prefer to mine bitcoin. For you, the advanced ASIC miner Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro is a wise choice. Regardless of the type of mining you select, both demand financial and time investments before reaping meaningful rewards. Additionally, mining on GPUs and ASICs need not be complementary to one another; they can work together.

Summary: Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro Vs GPU

It’s important to complete the task quickly when mining cryptocurrency. Some individuals choose ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) for its ability to calculate and mine specific cryptocurrencies quickly. GPUs (graphics processing units) are general-purpose processors that can calculate almost anything. Both of these options are fantastic, but you should pick the one that best suits your requirements and financial constraints.

Bitcoin mining is the most widely used application for Antminer S19 Pro, despite the fact that it can also be used to mine other cryptocurrencies. Regardless of the mining method you select, both demand time and money commitments before yielding meaningful rewards. Furthermore, mining on GPUs and ASICs need not be complementary to one another.


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