ASIC Firmware for Bitmain Antminer S19, S19J, S19 PRO S19J PRO – CrMi

Download the latest ASIC firmware for Bitmain Antminer S19 – CRMI to increase the computing power and performance of Antminer S19.

CrMi Firmware Instruction

Along with enabling the Antminer S19 series to be overclocked, which increases its computing power and performance, the firmware for S19 with control cards 7007 and Beagle Bone also significantly improves the energy efficiency of the series.

With the help of this firmware, miners are able to extract more cryptocurrencies from a single ASIC while also making a sizable profit after accounting for the cost of electricity. CRMI firmware opens access to the following ANTMINER S19 work modes:

  • 115 Th / S – 3850 W (33 W – Th / S)
  • 125 Th / S – 4600 W (37 W – Th / S)
  • 140 TH / S – 6100 W (43 W – Th / S)

For comparison, the default firmware, which is installed on ASIC provides only 90 TH / S when consumed at 3100 W (34 W – TH / S)

In other words, the CRMI firmware enables the user to select the ASIC mode they want and receive the benefits that come with it.

One of the primary variations between the ANTMINER ASIC models from its base configurations is the better firmware. The firmware is the most important component, but chip variations, changes to power supplies and cooling systems are undoubtedly also important. Even Bitmain’s Pro firmware, though, does not enable the full disclosure of the ASICs’ potential.

On the performance and energy efficiency of the ASICs, custom firmware are still vastly superior to the stock. Furthermore, they give you more freedom to customize the working parameters of the ASIC, tailoring them to the unique circumstances and requirements of the miner. In the end, you have a right to get the most functionality for your money, and this is particularly true for Antminer 19 Pro versions.

The firmware from the CRMI for professional versions of the Antminer S19 series of ASICs provides the following modes of operation:

  • S19 Pro / S19j Pro – 125 Th / S – 3800 W (30 W / Th / S)
  • S19 Pro / S19j Pro – 140 Th / S – 4600 W (33 W / Th / S)
  • S19 Pro / S19j Pro – 170 Th / S – 6200 W (36 W / Th / S)

For comparison: stock firmware provides only 110 TH / S for S19 Pro and 104 Th / S for S19J Pro. Additionally, Bitmain’s new flagship S19 XP, which won’t be available until this fall, is expected to have a 140 th/s hashrate. Thus, using custom firmware has clear advantages.

There are two versions of the control board for all S19 models, which can be made updating the Custom firmware. Both 7007 and Beagle Bone are control cards. All of the files for download are after the instructions. The firmware for the Beagle Bone has a separate installation file.

Since the card reader for the Beagle Bone is inside the case and requires opening, it is relatively simple to tell it apart from other control cards.

How to Install

However, technically speaking, the device is started with an SD card, ignoring the internal drives that contain the stock firmware. This is because the ASIC manufacturer has disabled the ability to install new firmware.

That is, the installation process in practice turns out to be extremely simple:

  • Download firmware from our site
  • Load it on an SD card
  • Insert an SD card in the device reader
  • Launch ASIC

If you remove an SD card and start the ASIC again, it will work on the stock firmware as if nothing has happened.

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