Bitmain Antminer S19 Unable to turn on


Antminer S19 can not be turned on how to do

Fault: When the mining machine is powered on, the machine does not respond, the fan does not turn, the net port lights and instructions are not lit, and no lights are on the control board.

Steps for troubleshooting.

  1. first of all, you need to confirm that the entire line is not a false connection. (All plugs are reinserted, and confirm that the plug is tight), if still a fault in accordance with the following method of investigation.
  2. test the power socket with a multimeter, such as no voltage, then find an electrician to check the line and open circuit (such as no multimeter, you can insert and normal working socket replacement to confirm).
  3. If the socket voltage is normal, measure the output of the power cord, if no voltage, replace the power cord.
  4. If the power line output voltage is normal, first disconnect the power output (all 12V lines), power to the power supply, see if the power supply fan rotates.
  5. If the power supply fan does not turn, replace the power supply.
  6. If the fan rotates, test the 12V DC output, if there is no 12V output, replace the power supply.
  7. If there is 12V output, disconnect the power supply first, and connect the 12V line of the control board (not connected to the computing board) to energize the power supply. If the mine fan and control board lights still do not respond, the control board is bad.
  8. If the fan and control board lights are on, disconnect the power supply first, connect all the 12V lines of the computing board, and then power on the machine.
    • 8.1 If the mining machine is available for normal operation, but the problem still occurs after running for a period of time, it is possible that the power supply is underloaded or protected by high temperature. 8.1 Check whether the operating temperature of the power supply is too high. If high temperature need to increase ventilation.
    • 8.2 Check whether the power supply power meets the requirements of the miner. The power supply power should be left with a certain margin, generally the power supply output power needs to be 20% higher than the rated power of the miner. If the mining machine power is not enough, you need to replace the power supply with a higher power.
  1. Checking is complete

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