Antminer S19 can not Connect to the Network


Trouble connecting your Antminer S19 miners to the internet? Learn how to resolve connectivity issues and find the IP address with our helpful troubleshooting guide.

All new machines can not get an IP address.

Processing method:

  • Check whether the network has opened DHCP, must be opened
  • Check whether the network is open MAC binding, must be closed
  • Check whether the router connection and settings are normal

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Some new mining machines can not get an IP address.

Processing method:

  • Check whether the UART port able to access to the network as normal, connect the computer and the port through the network cable, and check again whether it can access to the network as normal.
  • Check whether the coverage of the IP pool is enough, the figure below shows the IP will automatically assign for 99 addresses only by default (Maximum can be set up to 254 addresses).
  • Consult the manufacturer of the router about how many devices it can connect up, for normal housing use, the maximum quantity of IP address only can be set up to 254, but due to hardware setting, the normal router only allowed 10 to 50 devices to stay connected at the same time, basically, there is no data about capacity. it’s required to consult the manufacturer. Particularly, only those with professional housing smart router able to provide the related capacity data, please be more cautions when purchasing the product.

All mining machines can not mine, mining machines have obtained IP, the computer can normally access the Internet.

Processing method:

  • Check whether there is any restriction on the network configuration, generally, the normal router would have whitelist setting or certain network access policy restriction, etc., it’s able to restrict the specific website or method of connecting to the network, this problem is relatively professional, which requires network engineer to further troubleshoot.
  • Check whether the network operator turned off the port of the mining pool, the corresponding port will display in the end of the mining pool, if the network operator disabled the corresponding port, it will affect the mine process while not impact on the connection to internet. The port related issues should be consulted to customer service of the network operator.
Antminer S19 can not Connect to the Network
  • Check whether the mining pool, and miner setting are normal.
  • Connect 2 miners to another network, if they can operate as normal, it means that there is some issue on the particular network.

Part of the mining machine in use can not be mined.

Processing method:

  • Check whether the router or switch is normal
  • Check whether the power is normal

The mining machine can not find the IP after changing the location.

Processing method:

  • Reset the S19 mining machine. Use needle to poke the reset button for around 5 seconds when the miner is powered on, both of the red and green indicator light will turn off, and it will be reset, wait for the miner to restart.
Antminer S19 can not Connect to the Network

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